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Group Holidays in Funchal, Madeira

Whether you are passionate about culture, an avid nature lover or a fan of water sports, the city of Funchal is the perfect destination to create unforgettable holiday memories with your group.

Unforgettable holiday moments

Find one of Funchal’s most iconic attractions near the city’s lovely historic centre – the Lavradores market. Filling the air with the sweet scent of exotic fruits and freshly picked flowers, this eye-catching market will give you a glimpse of the colourful tradition and vibrancy that characterise Madeira’s cheerful population.

Visit some of the city’s most popular museums such as the contemporary art gallery exhibited at the 17th Century São Tiago Fort, the interactive Madeira Story Centre and the Electricity Museum. The Madeira Wine Museum and the Madeira Wine Institute are other interesting suggestions for curious wine devotees. Also be sure to see Funchal’s most important religious monument during your holiday, the Sé Cathedral – the first example of Manueline architecture to be built on the island.

Enjoy blissful moments at the city’s marina – just a short walk away from our 4-star hotel. Book a ferry trip and cruise along the coast, go dolphin and whale watching, spend a day big game fishing and then relax at one of the many lovely cafés scattered around the area. The marina is also home to The Vagrant (aka The Beatles’ Boat), a popular restaurant situated in an old yacht believed to have once belonged to the Beatles! – a fun suggestion for dinner and drinks.

Natural beauty is all around in this magnificent Madeiran city. The famous Santa Catalina Park is well worth a visit for its lovely gardens, sculptures and pleasant café terrace. Experience thrilling cable car rides up to Monte and to Funchal’s renowned Botanical gardens, where a restaurant, café and shop can be found. To get back to the city centre, experience a fun wicker toboggan ride down the hill!

Levada hiking trails, quad bike tours, helicopter and balloon rides are other fabulous ways to appreciate the unsurpassed beauty of this destination during your holiday.

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